An Unexpected Guest, * by Bruce E. Johnson

August 27, 1918.  The War is finally coming to an end.  The Jazz Age is preparing to take center stage, and The Grove Park Inn - the finest resort hotel in the world - is now catering to the rich and famous, politicians and industrialists - from Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone to Presidents Hoover, Coolidge, Harding and Roosevelt.  But along with famous celebrities come secrets hidden behind those towering, granite walls -- secrets swirling around the mysterious death of a young, beautiful woman in a pink, silk gown.  Secrets no one want to talk about.

Softcover, 298 pp. $15.00

Original Finish, * by Jack Gunter

A cursed Chippendale desk propels Wally Winchester, a severely obsessed Arts and Crafts furniture picker, into the first great adventure of his life.  Thrown into the midst of a murder-littered conspiracy and an international forgery scheme, the intrepid Wally finds himself torn between saving the antique score of a lifetime and saving his own life.

Softcover, 212 pp. $15.00

The Egg Rocker, * by Jack Gunter

The hundred-year-old chair of any greedy antique dealer's dreams hides a secret buried in the South American jungles far away from its European provenance - and only the remarkable adventurer, Wally Winchester, would be the kind of antiques collector to buy it on the internet and head south to pick it up, little knowing that the chair would lead him into one of the most dangerous manhunts in history.

Softcover, 349 pp. $15.00

Mother of God, * by Jack Gunter

Snooping for original Stickley furniture on the grounds of a Pacific Northwest mental health facility, Wally Winchester discovers a clue about an icon thought to be lost, The Protectress of Russia, The Mother of God of Kazan.  A Trans Siberian train from Mongolia to Moscow becomes a battlefield for religious zealots, true believers, and a guy who wants to sell the masterpiece in a New York auction.

Softcover, 427 pp. $15.00

Soft Focus, * by Jack Gunter

The picking trip of Wally Winchester's dreams is a three thousand mile dash across the United States to deliver a Shelby Cobra to Boston.  With a Mexican beauty in the passenger seat, a walletful of credit cards, a clue to the lost portfolio of Julia Margaret Cameron photographs behind the seat, and a small fortune waiting at the finish line, what could possibly go wrong?

Softcover, 438 pp. $15.00

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Masterpiece Fever, * by Jack Gunter

When antiques picker Wally Winchester buys a cache of computers from the estate of a Nobel laureate, he is wholly unprepared for the events following in the waks of his purchase: a beautiful FDA chemist (this is fiction after all) in search of a deadly pathogen, a scandal bred in Russia, a painting with the kind of checkered provenance that only Wally would encounter, and a plundering and ravaging community - alas, Wally's home, Camano Island - depicted with shocking realism after "the thin veneer of civilization" is peeled away by and out-of-control epidemic.

Softcover, 331 pp. $15.00