William S. Rice, Art & Life

by Ellen Treseder Sexauer


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William S. Rice (1873-1963) was one of the most gifted block print artists of the American Arts and Crafts movement. In 1910, Rice moved from Pennsylvania to the San Francisco Bay area where he found many of the subjects for his life’s work, but he also travelled through the Southwest, to Alaska, and to Europe. Wherever he went, Rice photographed, sketched and painted landscapes and seascapes, many of which became the basis of his block prints, etchings, and other works. The author, Rice’s granddaughter, illustrates her scholarly treatment of her subject with over 300 illustrations, many full color illustrations of Rice’s paintings and prints, along with many black and white drawings and family photographs. A more thorough and comprehensive treatment of Rice’s life and work does not exist – this is the book to own and read and re-read. No wonder that Rice’s works are so collectible.

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by Ellen Treseder Sexauer


Hardcover; 214pp