The Frost Arts and Crafts Workshop, Dayton, Ohio

Catalog Number Fifty-Two (1910)



The Frost Arts and Crafts Workshop was founded by George W. Frost in Dayton, Ohio around 1906. The company started out making “various useful articles of unusual design” in metal and wood, and the business grew very quickly. By 1909 the company employed more than forty workers and had moved to a new three-story brick building overlooking the Miami River. By 1910 the company was making and selling desk sets, smoker sets, etched mottoes, picture frames, bowls, trays, bookends, sconces, clocks, lanterns, jewelry and jewelry boxes, and lamps that were available in more than five hundred department stores, jewelry stores, and other retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Reprinted here is a faithful reproduction of the company’s Catalogue Number 52 from 1910 showing the breadth of the Frost Workshop’s finished offerings at perhaps the zenith of the Arts and Crafts movement in America.

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Softcover; 32pp