The Craftsman Studios

A Catalogue of Artistic and Useful Gifts

Introduction by David Locky


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The Craftsman Studios, founded by Carl Wirths in Brooklyn, NY around the time of the First World War, produced exquisite desk sets, picture frames, jewelry, and other decorative metalwork in hammered copper, silver-plated copper, and German silver.  The company’s products rivaled those of the Frost Workshops, the Forest Craft Guild, and even the Roycrofters.

The company moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1920 and then to Laguna Beach about a decade later, but not before absorbing the inventory and operations of the Old Mission Koppercraft workshop following its bankruptcy in 1925. Remarkably, The Craftsman Studios remained in business until the 1950’s.

Reprinted here is The Craftsman Studios’ first product catalogue from its early years in Brooklyn, NY, about 1920, when many consider that the workshop produced its best work. The book also includes a scholarly Introduction with a brief history of the company and a description of its products and shop marks.

Softcover, 38 pages

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Softcover, 38 pages




Introduction by David Locky