Prairie Style: Houses and Gardens by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School

Dixie Legler & Christian Korab


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It was a new look for a new century. Low, ground-hugging houses with refreshingly spacious interiors under sweeping roofs, leading to terraces reaching out to nature, all dressed in the colors of the prairie in autumn and simplified with built-in furniture. A group of idealistic young architects in Chicago, led by Frank Lloyd Wright, had succeeded in their quiet revolt against the fussiness of Victorian houses. Gazing toward the horizon, they saw the prairie as the perfect metaphor for redefining the American home.

“Prairie Style” opens the doors into three dozen of the astonishingly new houses, gardens, and entire communities brought about by this revolutionary band. Here are Wright’s first great Prairie houses and a handful of other Wright classics that clearly show why he is one of the most revered architects of modern times. And, finally giving due attention to Wright’s Prairie School colleagues-among them Louis Sullivan, Purcell and Elmslie, Walter Burley Griffin, and Marion Mahony-author Dixie Legler takes us inside their own exemplary houses, which responded to a more relaxed style of living with the same serene simplicity that has made Wright’s own work such a favorite around the world. These sheltering Prairie-style houses, beautifully captured in Christian Korab’s all-new color photographs, inspired generations of homes to come and changed the shape of suburban America.

Hardcover, 208 pages

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Dixie Legler & Christian Korab


Hardcover, 208 pp