Parkwyn Village: 1947-2022

An Historical and Photographic Perspective


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Parkwyn Village is a vibrant residential cooperative community tucked away in the southwest corner of Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is one of only three successful Frank-Lloyd Wright-designed cooperative housing communities in the country. Among its thirty-eight mid-century modern houses scattered among 47 wooded acres are five Wright-designed Usonian houses.

Parkwyn Village was founded in 1947, and this year it is celebrating its 75th anniversary. This book was created in part to mark this memorable occasion.

The book includes a history of Parkwyn Village based on the documentation supporting the nomination of Parkwyn Village to the National Register of Historic Places (formally listed in April 2022).  Also included are copies of correspondence, site plans, meeting minutes, and contemporaneous newspaper articles about Parkwyn Village’s early years, as well as first-hand  accounts written by residents who helped to establish Parkwyn Village so many years ago. In addition, the book includes color photographs of all the houses in Parkwyn Village as they appear today.

Softcover, 198 pages