Benedict Art Studios: 1907 Catalogue


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The Benedict Manufacturing Company of East Syracuse, NY purchased the Onondaga Metal Shops in October 1906, continuing the business in the name Benedict Art Studios. The next year, in 1907, Benedict Art Studios came out with a stunning 80-page trade catalogue featuring halftone photographs of more than 150 different forms of Arts and Crafts metalwork in hand-wrought iron, brass and copper, including lamps, chandeliers, hanging lanterns, chafing dishes, candlesticks, andirons, and many other articles. As Benedict collectors have known for some time, the quality of Onondaga Metal Shops and early Benedict Art Studios hand-wrought metalwork rivaled that of any other shops, including Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Workshops in the neighboring town of Eastwood, NY.

Turn of the Century Editions has reprinted the complete Benedict Art Studios 1907 Catalogue together with an in-depth, scholarly Introduction with historical photos and period advertising.

Softcover, 104 pages