Frank Lloyd Wright: Treasures of Taliesin

Seventy-Six Unbuilt Designs

Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer


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Frank Lloyd Wright believed that his un­built designs were the most interesting of his works. Here are 106 color plates of his drawings for 76 unexecuted designs. Twenty-nine of the drawings have never been published.

Pfeiffer has created a visual history of the development of Wright’s work that extends in time from 1895 to 1959.  He draws on his long association with Wright to describe the circum­stances surrounding the germination of each project, characterize the person­alities involved, and explain what went wrong and why. The stories include po­litical intrigue and assassination, as well as intimate glimpses of personalities such as Mike Todd and Ayn Rand, and a poignant recollection of Marilyn Mon­roe, who wanted an entire floor of her planned home with Arthur Miller for their children. There is even a residence for a mysterious client whose identity was known only by Wright.

Hardcover, 72 pages

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Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer


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