Form & Space in Japanese Architecture

Norman F. Carver, Jr.


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“Form & Space in Japanese Architecture” was a ground-breaking book when it was originally published in the 1950s.  This is a newer (2009) and greatly enlarged edition – more than 130 new photographs were added, plus an expanded text.

“Form & Space” is not a historical survey, or meticulous analysis of influences and construction details.  Instead, the photographs and text illuminate basic principles underlying traditional Japanese architecture’s elegant forms and lyrical spaces.  The examples range from renowned palaces to obscure temples – photographed during Carver’s several years in Japan.

Norman F. Carver, Jr. (1928-2018) was an architect and graduate of Yale University.  The photographs for this book and his earlier study of Japanese folkhouses were done during two Fulbright grants in the 1950s and 1960s – before many important examples disappeared.  He is also the author of other books on the world’s vernacular architecture, including “Italian Hilltowns”, “Iberian Villages”, “Silent Cities”, “Japanese Folkhouses“, “North African Villages”, “Greek Island Villages”,  and “Angkor”.

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Norman F. Carver, Jr.


Softcover, 232 pages