Claude Bragdon & the Beautiful Necessity

Eugenia Victoria Ellis and Andrea G. Reithmayr (Editors)


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Here is a scholarly book for serious Arts and Crafts enthusiasts who want to really drill down into the history of the movement. We can thank the Rochester Institute of Technology for publishing this excellent collection of essays about the life and work of Claude Bragdon (1866-1946) by leading authorities in the field. Who was Claude Bragdon? He was many things, including a furniture designer for Gustav Stickley, a respected pre-modern architect, book designer, poster artist, theatre lighting and set designer, and abstract painter. Among his artistic achievements was being the first to set colors to music. Besides the informative essays, the book includes 100 pages of photos and illustrations, most in color, showing the full scope of Claude Bragdon’s many artistic achievements. There is also a chronology of his life and a full bibliography of his many writings.

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Eugenia Victoria Ellis and Andrea G. Reithmayr (Editors)


Softcover; 220pp