Modern Craft Styles by Charles Stickley *

This book includes the complete 117-page Stickley & Brandt Chair Company 1911 trade catalogue, plus a 16-page illustrated history of the company and its principals, Charles Stickley and Schuyler Coe Brandt. Most Arts and Crafts aficionados know that Charles Stickley was Gustav Stickley's younger brother and that he made mission furniture-but that is about it. Until publication of this book, Charles Stickley was the Stickley brother we knew the least about. Even photographs of Charles Stickley were hard to come by. Even less was known about Charles Stickley's business partner (and brother-in-law), Schuyler Coe Brandt. The unabridged 1911 trade catalogue is reprinted in its original size, 9"x12". The catalogue shows over 200 designs of Stickley & Brandt mission furniture, including settles, settees, armchairs, side chairs, rockers, footstools, library tables, desks, tabourettes, bookcases, dining room suites and bedroom suites.

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